Vector Conversion Service


Raster Image means

Clipping Specialist is provide Raster to vector conversion service. As we know that all scanned pictures and all photos from digital cameras are bitmaps. Bitmap images include BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PSD, PNG formats. Bitmap images known as Raster images. Raster images made up lots of pixels – or dots in a grid that together create a whole image by square of color. Raster image means, images that looks distracted and broken when it has zoomed in. Because of its poor resolution and quality, it becomes broken. After zooming you will see it with little tiny squares. Old text or scanned photos also can be a raster image, which has very low resolution.

When you need to use a raster image for billboard, signboard, brochure or a raster image going to use for print and publication or professional matters or it’s a logo design than it is quite impossible to get expected result without loosing its resolution and quality. To solve this problem Clipping Specialist providing vector conversion service to you. CS provides this vector conversion service by highly skilled operators who trained on powerful Illustrator programme of Adobe and relative software. To convert your images from raster to vector, you may handover your job at CS unimpededly.

Advantage of Raster to Vector Conversion

Vector images are mathematical calculations from one point to another that form lines and shapes. So the resolution of a vector image is independent. As result after converting a raster image to vector you can increase and decrease the size to any degree. Also your lines will stay spirited and sharp and quality remains 100% unchanged. If you zoom into a vector image it will never look blur or become broken, always look the same. The great advantage of vector images is that, a vectorized image has no ruggedness, no misfortune in detail. Vector image can be printed at any determination or any size.

Uses of raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to vector conversion used for logos, illustrations, technical drawings. It also use to make processes that require vector art. Specialty signs and printing, engraving and etching. In CAD, Engineering, and 3D graphics vector conversion also most popular.

We are providing Raster to Vector Conversion

Clipping Specialist is the world ruler company in photo editing services. CS providing Clipping Path, Image masking, Photograph retouching, Image manipulation, Image optimization for eCommerce business, Image shading and Raster to Vector image and many other portions of image editing sector. Our professional graphic designers will convert your raster images to vector. Ensuring you very low cost guarantee than other competitors. If you want to convert your image raster to vector, you can chose us. For being worry-free about our work quality, you may judge our service by sample work. Get two Free Trial now!