Process files and folders

When you have a new project for us, you usually upload the images first to our server through either directly our website or using FTP account, and then place an order form. Your image(s) is saved & secured here. But before you upload files please follow some simple guidelines:

Uploading directly through website

If you have some images total of size less than 500MB, make a zip file with these images (size must be less than 500MB) and then upload them by clicking browse button.

If you have many images total of unlimited size, make a zip file with some representative images (size must be less than 500MB) and then upload them. For uploading rest of the images use our FTP server which is describe below.

Uploading through FTP Server

When you have many images of unlimited size, then an FTP server is very useful and for uploading the images. For this purpose you need the FTP account information. If you request for the FTP account information by clicking at “Request for FTP account information” button in order or quote page then we will send you the FTP account information to your email. Using this FTP account information sign in the FTP account follow the guidelines below:

  1. Create a folder with name like “01-01-14_ClippingPath_YourReference” (explanation given below).
  2. Enter into the created folder and create another folder named “To Do”.
  3. Upload all files/folders inside the “To Do” folder.

Let’s explain the different parts of the suggested job name

As you can see there are 4 parts in the name: date, batch number, type of service require and your reference.

  1. Date: give the date you place the order on, 01-01-14 is just an example, but please follow the date format (day-month-year).
  2. Service require: you are also advised to write the service you require for the job, Clipping Path is just an example. You may require Masking, Retouching, Manipulation, Drop Shadow etc. If you require multiple services just write “Multiple Service”. Obviously you will explain the requirement in the order form.
  3. Your reference (optional): if you have any of your/client’s reference, that you think should be included in the job name, you can give it here.

When we complete and return your job, we will upload them back in a folder called “Completed” inside the appropriate job folder.