Clipping Path

What Does Mean By Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path service is a best process by which you can knockout the background from any photograph. Whole process is done by pen tool. By creating outline around an image by pen tool you will be able to remove a picture from its background so that it can be embedded into another background or be used without a background.  Practically this service seems to cutting an image out of a magazine with scissor.  Simply clipping path is making path of a certain area in an image using Adobe Photoshop pen tool and then anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted.

Clipping path

Other Tools That Can Remove Background

In Adobe Photoshop there has some other tools by using that you also can remove the background or unwanted elements from an image. Such as, magic tool, eraser tool, brush tool but there are no systems that can equal the quality accomplished by image processing services doing clipping path by hand of a skilled, experienced and professional photo editing expert. Clipping Specialist has a great reputation for providing all kinds of clipping path services with a big team of professional, qualified and highly skilled graphics designers.

When Need Clipping Path Services?

Clipping Path Service is the basic requirement of all Photoshop Image editing services. It’s necessary when you need any image to ready up a design.

Reason To Do Clipping Path

Before Clipping Path

After Clipping Path

If you need to erase/remove background from a product image or any object.

Clipping Path Services

By selecting individual areas in an image clipping path is to do color correction by applying Multi-clipping path technic to get expected result.

clipping path services

To edit/modify or change the shape of specific area of an object/image clipping path is the best way to do that.

clipping path services

Multi-Clipping Path

When you need to make change the color of individual parts from an image or need to separate the object in various parts then multi clipp path technic is to apply to get your goal. It means to make multiple path at your wanted different regions by pen tool and then apply different jobs for each part.

multi clipping path

Before Multi Clipping Path

Different Parts Of Object

After Applying Multi Clipping Path

How We Do Clipping Path Ensuring Quality Guarantee

Clipping Specialist stands for providing all kinds of photo editing and modifying services. All DTP professionals of Clipping Specialist are trained in latest and updated Photoshop, Illustrator and other image editing software. Specially in clipping path, image masking and retouching. They are working with several years of work experience in the field of image editing arena.

If you are from a Photographer, eCommerce site owner, online store owner, affiliate marketer, or you are involved with printing and publications than you go your every day with doing photo editing. Sometimes may be you do not have enough time or you have a bulk images to do or you are not expert to edit as best way or you are searching an organization to edit your pictures to make your business more professional. Then you can handover your works to us without any hesitation. Be relaxed, your works at the hand of Clipping Specialist are safe, secure and active to edit.

We provide our every services with guarantee. We do clipping path services including background remove, image masking, photo optimization for eCommerce, neck joint service and other editing services with mentioning 100% of quality guarantee and competitive price guarantee than other competitors. Which helps you to save your time and money. Our characteristics is to deliver the job at exact time.

Working with us you will gain vast experience ever. Specially about pricing because Clipping Specialist offering only a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe or America for a similar service or background removal service. Our prices start from $0.29 USD per picture. To judge the quality of our work you may place Free Trial now!